Citizenship income, Conte in government: “Send a new text message, apologize”

The M5S president to minister Calderone: “You are solely responsible for the social disaster, you are splitting the country”

“I appeal to the government: think again, convene a CDM, stop this massacre, postpone the times. Try to handle this matter with more attention and responsibility. Send a new text message to these people, apologise”. Thus the president of the M5S Giuseppe Conte on the occasion of today’s question time in the Chamber with Minister Calderone.

“You see minister, we remember it well, you had already promised a new decree for active policies for January of this year: what did you do in 7 months? From the latest report from the parliamentary budget office, we discover that 100,000 families without of protection they also have minors, the elderly and the disabled inside”, he stressed.

“We listened to his answer, in line with the style of Palazzo Chigi: bureaucratic cold. We went from Giorgia Meloni who promised 1000 euros with a click to a text message that cancels everything for 169 thousand families. Today in Italian cities, from north to south , there is anger, confusion, distrust, there is a social disaster. You are leaving mayors, social workers, INPS officials exposed to this social disaster and you are solely responsible. Do not seek distractions and other people’s responsibilities, you are consciously splitting the country,” he added.

“You have deceived these people that you wanted to replace the basic income with training courses to be able to work. You have deceived them and you have also insulted them by calling them ‘sofa workers’, saying they did not want to work. After 9 months we discovered that those who do not want to work are this government that has done nothing, you are couch potatoes! You have offered nothing, training courses, alternative support, nothing, nothing, leaving them to themselves “, he said again.