Citizenship income, Conte: “Ready to battle in the squares”

The former premier: “Willing to do anything to defend it. Anyone who wants to dismantle it is in the grip of ideological fury”

“We, and I say this with the utmost firmness, we are willing to do anything to defend the basic incomea social protection system that had to be introduced decades ago. We are willing to do battle in all institutions, institutions and squares, if the government goes ahead with this unworthy intention of dismantling the basic income”. M5S leader Giuseppe Conte promises it, speaking at the event “Cantiere delle idee. Building a more just society” at Palazzo Giustiniani.

“A government that aims to dismantle income of citizenship – Conte attacks – is a government that has completely lost touch with reality of the economic and social difficulties affecting the country. It’s a government in the grip of an ideological fury. It’s not conservative it is reactionary“.

“The facts tell us – the M5S leader then recalls – that perhaps the most revolutionary perspective was achieved in Count I. With the League for the first time we have introduced an anti-corruption law. Yet, we have achieved the basic incomewhich is the most sinister measure that has been passed in the last 30 years”.