Citizenship income, Durigon: “Those who lose it should look for a job”

The undersecretary: “Work decree by January to give companies more flexibility and less bureaucracy, more security for workers”

A work decree by January to “give more flexibility and less bureaucracy to companies, more security to workers”. The Undersecretary for Labor announced it in an interview with ‘La Repubblica’ Claudius Durigon, adding that the provision could “restore the old conditions of the Women’s Option: there is the political will, we are simulating the scenarios”. On the government’s ax on basic income, the Northern League exponent explains that “training and incentives are strengthened, the State has the duty to propose solutions for employable people”. The income system, he underlines, “has failed: it is evident to everyone. We take it away only from those who can work and are comfortable in their current condition. The real challenge is not giving a subsidy, but work. And there is no shortage of offers, given that companies are looking for 500,000 workers according to Anpal-Unioncamere”. Our duty, he explains, “is to try to do everything possible to match these needs with the profiles of the recipients. After that, Naspi’s rule applies: once unemployment is over, you have to look for a job”.

Finally, on the barriers introduced on the Women’s Option, he observes: “we are trying to find coverage to restore the old requisites for leaving at 58-59 years of age with no limits on children or anything else, at least for six months. In any case, women will benefit from the overall reform of pensions that we want to put in place”.