Citizenship income, Landini: “Government wants to blow it up, makes cash on the poor”

“There is a large part of earners who have not worked for years, while qualified workers are being sought on the market”

Basic income, “it seems clear to me that the government’s design is to blow it up“. This is what the CGIL leader, Maurizio Landini, said during SkyTg24. “Having reduced it to 7 months and also removed the fair offer, not to mention a decent salary, is just a knot of cash of the poorest. There is a substantial part of RDC earners who have not worked for years, while skilled workers are being sought on the market”.

THE STRIKES – “The strike is the only tool we have left to make our disagreement with the maneuver clear: we are not in Parliament” says Landini, returning to defending the strikes carried out against the maneuver at the center of criticism from the majority parties and of the CISL. “And our goal is to improve them where possible. And on tax reform, pensions, precariousness and wage increases, we tell the government that it must take a different path”. Also on extra profits “the rule of the Meloni government is pejorative of what the Draghi government has done: the last government had foreseen an intervention on about 11 thousand companies with which to scrape together about 12 billion in the state coffers, here instead the executive provision concerns less than 7 thousand companies and an entry of 2.5 billion is expected if all goes well”. The extraordinary taxation requested by the CGIL, however, continues Landini, “was used to fetch the resources to support incomes where they exist without weighing on anyone. We are at 13% inflation and if I don’t address the issue of wages which are too low we’re not going out.” On the other hand, he notes again, “this is a country where rents are taxed less than dependent work”.

VOUCHER – “With the manoeuvre, a crazy idea about work is gaining ground” attacks Landini. “Vouchers have even been reintroduced which means thinking that people must continue to accept any condition in order to work: a kick in the ass to those people who have to work to live. The exact opposite of what we need and the need for participation social”.