Citizenship income suspended, oppositions: “Social butchery, government in the Chamber”

Schlein: “Social bomb, executive report to Parliament as soon as possible”. Conte: “We invite the government to immediately convene the CDM”

The oppositions are asking the government to report to Parliament on the suspension of basic income. “It is necessary for the government to report. I think there is a very strong irresponsibility, an abandonment of the field. It is necessary for the government to explain”, said Arturo Scotto, of the Pd, in the chamber at the resumption of work for the examination of the odg to the dl Pa and then for the final vote, speaking of the question of the suspended citizen’s income.

Avs and then the M5S joined the request of the Democratic Party. “Were you ready for this, for a social butcher’s shop? You don’t realize that poverty is a tragedy, a shameful thing and you did it out of ideological fury, to hit the M5S but you aimed at millions of people”, articulated Riccardo Ricciardi .


Elly Schlein talks about the “social bomb”. “We ask the government to report as soon as possible, it is incredible not only that they have decided to wage war on the poor but that they have not prepared these steps in the slightest, accompanying them with correct information and giving support to the support measures”, said the secretary of the Pd in ​​Sessa Aurunca. “We are ready to fight so that we go back on this nefarious choice”, explained the dem leader, adding: “We need to put answers in the field, not leaving municipalities, employment centers and social workers alone in the face of this social bomb”.

“The government has chosen to declare war on the poor instead of waging war on poverty,” Schlein stressed. “There is great cynicism and brutality in the text message that reached 169,000 families informing them that they would no longer have any support against poverty – continued the secretary of the Democratic Party – Poverty is not chosen, poverty is not a fault but the result of policies wrong social services and we need answers that Giorgia Meloni’s government is currently unloading on the municipalities, moreover definanced because the same maneuver that canceled the citizen’s income did not put resources on the municipalities, with social services in great difficulty, unloading on the assistants social. It is not acceptable”.


The president of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, underlined how “the government’s decision to interrupt support for the most disadvantaged sections of the population overnight is causing an announced disaster, which common sense was enough to prevent. This war on rather than to poverty, it is also causing serious damage to the country’s economy. Confesercenti certifies the damage to entrepreneurs and merchants at one billion euros a year, because this is money that entered directly into the consumer circuit. We invited the government, even if we realize that it is already summer days for them, to immediately convene a Council of Ministers to immediately remedy these unfortunate decisions “, Conte said in issuing statements to reporters in Piazza Montecitorio.

“Do you think it is normal that a government instead of taking responsibility for its own choices, for an announced social disaster, now wants to find a scapegoat in the management of the INPS? It is absolutely absurd. They take responsibility for their choices”, he said. said the M5S president again, commenting on the request for a commission of inquiry into the lack of controls of Tridico at the helm of the INPS.

Then he spoke again on Facebook: “Let’s make a new appeal to President Meloni: think again and stop this social and economic disaster immediately. The country will not split, withdraw the INPS text message and send an apology message to the families. Italy should fight poverty, not the poor”.