Citizenship income, when the December 2022 payment arrives

The state subsidy will be credited to some categories of beneficiaries as early as this week, therefore in advance of the conventional deadline set for the 27th day of the month. A choice that responds to the desire to help families deal with the expenses associated with the holidays

No longer on the 27th day of the month. Some recipients of the citizenship income will have to mark another date on the calendar as an appointment to collect the last 2022 credit. Compared to other periods of the year, in fact, the state contribution can be paid in advance to help families bear the costs of holidays. Here’s when and who is entitled to it.

The details

The credits for the month of December should actually have started to be paid as early as Thursday 15 December and should continue until the days immediately preceding Christmas. Among those who will be able to collect the subsidy in this period of time, therefore earlier than expected, there are two categories of beneficiaries: those who are waiting for the first payment ever because they have submitted the application for the first time to INPS and those who have asked in November the renewal having finished the first 18 months in October. Those who have completed their 36 months could also join the group of the benefit two months ago. The same, with the same requirements, may in fact have requested the INPS income again in November and could therefore be awaiting the first payment referring to the new application.

How to check

For those who have doubts about their status, and therefore about the possibility of being included in the category of subjects entitled to collect the subsidy in advance, the possibility of knowing the exact payment date remains unaffected by accessing the reserved area of ​​the dedicated service on the INPS website . To do this, as always, he will have to use the Public Digital Identity System (Spid), the Electronic Identity Card (Cie) or the National Services Card (Cns) as credentials.

The exception

The payment of the Citizenship Income in December has already been received this week, precisely on Tuesday 13, by some beneficiaries of the subsidy. However, it would not be a question of the mid-month payment but of the November month which arrived late due to postponements due to checks and investigations.