Citizenship, the ‘Ius scholae’ arrives: text deposited in commission

Recognition of foreign minors who have completed a school cycle of at least 5 years. Brescia (M5S), speaker and president of the Chamber’s Constitutional Affairs: “It is not the Ius Soli”. The stop of the League arrives immediately.

The Ius scholae arrives in the Chamber. Giuseppe Brescia dei 5 Stelle, rapporteur and president of the Constitutional Affairs of the Chamber, presented the proposal for a unified text in the commission. The provision exclusively provides for the Ius scholae, the recognition of citizenship for foreign minors linked to schooling. “In the proposed text there is no Ius soli”, specifies Brescia.

“This proposal – explains the exponent M5S – aims at introducing in a timely manner a new case oriented to the principle of the Ius scholae, with a choice of trust not only in foreigners who want to integrate their children, but in the work of the teaching community, in the dedication of school managers and teachers who build our Republic in the classroom and teach the values ​​of our Constitution “.

“The text provides that a foreign minor born in Italy who has resided legally and without interruption in Italy and has regularly attended, in the national territory, for at least 5 years, one or more school cycles at institutions belonging to the national education system or three-year or four-year vocational education and training courses suitable for obtaining a professional qualification. This possibility is also open to foreign minors who have entered Italy by the age of 12 “.

“Citizenship – Brescia clarifies in the report – is acquired following a declaration of will, by both parents legally resident in Italy or by those who exercise parental responsibility, to the official of the state of the minor’s municipality of residence, to be recorded in the civil status register. Within two years of reaching the age of majority, the interested party may renounce Italian citizenship if in possession of another citizenship “. If “this declaration of intent has not been expressed, the interested party acquires citizenship if he / she requests it from the registrar within two years of reaching the age of majority”.

“Then I leave to the debate in the committee the opportunity to modify, always in a timely manner, the provisions on the subject of Ius sanguinis for those born abroad. In fact, the current system does not seem to guarantee true social roots with our country and indeed encourages the search for ancestors, even distant in time, without the verification of cultural requirements, instead rightly required of foreigners in Italy. The goal, in conclusion, is to proceed in the direction of pragmatism, with a precise modification that allows to carry out a important step forward in the field of rights, duties and integration “.

But the stop of the League has already arrived on the proposal. “Other than Ius scholae. This is a disguised Ius soli. The usual Trojan horse -attacks the deputy Igor Iezzi, leader of the Lega group in the Constitutional Affairs committee- to widen the meshes of recognition of Italian citizenship. Pd and 5S avoid flooding the works of the commission with a measure that will never pass. If they haven’t noticed it yet, there is a war in Ukraine and the stratospheric cost of the bills to think about “.