City Plug is born, compact and low-power columns

Powered exclusively with 100% certified renewable energy, they allow even those who do not have a private parking space to connect their electric car near the house, taking advantage of the periods in which it would be stationary or parked on the street

With theinauguration in Brescia of the first series of City Plug columns, entirely designed by A2Athe Group gives new impetus to the development of private electric mobility in urban contexts with an increasingly widespread and innovative charging network, also accessible to electric cars with small batteries and plug-in hybrids. The project brings the experience of the domestic wall box to the streetpromoting the spread of a new model with low voltage energy supply (up to 7.4 kW per outlet).

The new slow charging columns also allow those who do not have a private parking space to connect their electric car near the house, taking advantage of the periods in which it would be stationary or parked on the street, and guarantee the user a low-cost service . The City Plugs, whose design was created by Giugiaro Architettura, are powered exclusively with certified 100% renewable energy and thanks to a balancing system on the various sockets, controlled by specific software, they allow you to manage the power load to keep the the network and at the same time allow you to maximize the number of cars connected to a single device.

“With these infrastructures A2A offers an absolute novelty in electric mobility: a more widespread and affordable service model for everyone, sustainable for the city and for those who decide to drive electric – comments Renato Mazzoncini, Group CEO – For the e-mobility segment, A2A’s Strategic Plan provides for over 280 million euro of investments by 2030. The project launched today represents the further development of a path that will lead us to install 22,000 charging points throughout Italy, also making a significant contribution to the electrification of consumption”.

“The installation of new city plug columns – declares Federico Manzoni, Councilor for Mobility Policies of the Municipality of Brescia – it is part of the program for upgrading the electric recharging network on public land that the municipal administration has envisaged. With the aim of bringing the charging points in the city of Brescia to 150, reaching all the city districts in a widespread manner, an expression of interest was in fact promoted aimed at a plurality of operators. In this context, A2A has undertaken to install, in addition to its 24 columns already present on public land, another 46 recharging points during this year. Today’s city plug columns are therefore the first installations of this ambitious plan”.

For Fabrizio Giugiaro, president of Giugiaro Architettura, “trying to promote sustainability is part of our intentions in any sector in which we operate. We are consequently honored to have given our stylistic contribution to this project, which combines form and function in the best tradition of our design. The design process developed with A2A focused on making the columns aesthetically pleasing and with little impact in the urban context, with the aim of creating an iconic object that is immediately recognizable by all users. We believe this is a significant step towards an ever better use of electric mobility”.

This project provides for a progressive implementation and aims to be extended to the whole national territory. The first recharging area with City Plug was set up in Via Boves and the agreement with the Municipality of Brescia includes two more in Via Renato Serra and in Via Torino. The prototype of the new columns was designed following a contest in which the company’s employees took part. With their innovative structure and small size, they take up minimal space on the ground, blending harmoniously into urban furnishings, and can be easily integrated into light poles or advertising monitors. They are also easily accessible both with the A2A App and with those of the other interoperable top-up service providers.