Clara Chía Martí accepts a million-dollar offer to help Gerard Piqué save Kosmos

Gerard Piqué, a former Spanish soccer player, is undoubtedly not going through his best moment since after his separation from Shakira everything has collapsed. The athlete is facing an economic crisis in his own company, Kosmos. not enough, apparently Clara Chia Marti would be the key to get out of it.

Following the continuous harassment by the press caused by his separation from Shakira, Gerard Piqué faces an even bigger problem. It’s all because his Kosmos company, where he met Clara Chia Martihe lost important business partners and with it a large amount of money that could bankrupt the company.

However Clara Chia Marti would have the solution to all the problems of Gerard Piqué. The former athlete’s girlfriend would have accepted a million-dollar offer to help the former de Shakira or to face your financial problem and overcome the company crisis. Incredibly, the one who would have opened the way for Clara would have been Clara herself. Shakira albeit unintentionally.

This is due to an offer highlighted by the media after the controversy caused by the separation of Gerard Piqué and Shakiradue to the multiple infidelities of the Spanish with Clara Chia Marti. Many media outlets have offered the young woman up to a million euros to tell her version of her story about the controversial jam that she stole from the Colombian.

Source: Twitter

It was thanks to a jar of jam that Shakira he discovered that Gerard Piqué he was unfaithful since he hated said jam so someone else should be eating it and this was Clara Chia Marti. Thus, Clara will most likely accept the offer to help overcome the crisis facing Kosmos with that money.

Source: Twitter