Clarissa Selassié also follows the hair trend of the moment: look what she has done!

Detail of the latest cry for Clarissa Selassié’s hair: the former gieffina showed on Instagram what she just did to her hair.

Together with Jessica and Lulù, it was a breath of joy and freshness in the house of the GF Vip which he attended last year. Now, for Clarissa Selassie and her sisters are defining various projects that, at least for her and Luluseem to be heading towards music.

Clarissa Selassié trendy hair look (Credits: Instagram)

In her recent Instagram stories, the smallest of the Ethiopian princesses gave some anticipation of the release of the his first single. He explained that the fateful launch date is really imminent and that the song, of the pop genre, will talk about love and a person in particular. The nice former gieffina has also specified that the musical careers of each will proceed on different tracks, but that this does not exclude a future collaboration between them.

While waiting to listen to the debut songs of Clarissa and Lulù, what is certain is that at least in terms of look, the pop star style is not lacking in either of them. Not surprisingly, during the months spent in the most spied on house in Italy, the ex-girlfriend of Manuel Bortuzzo was noticed and mentioned on social media by two icons such as Gue Pequeno And Cardi B!

It is these hours, the last super trendy detail sported by the beautiful twenty-year-old on Instagram: this time it has to do with her wonderful hairto which he wanted to give an additional touch of glamor.

Clarissa Selassié, unmissable detail: unique style for her hair

From the moment the Selassié set foot in the famous house of the GF Vip, what immediately caught the eye of the public were their looks destined to set a trend. Which then, let’s face it, have been their trademark throughout the edition. And they continue to be so even now that they keep in touch with fans via social media.

Just yesterday, the youngest of the Selassié family left everyone speechless by showing herself in some Ig stories with the hair gemthe glitter for hair flaunted long ago also by Valentina Ferragni at Paris Fashion Week. On that occasion, Chiara Ferragni’s sister chose a wet-effect hairstyle by adding crystals to the frontal tufts capable of embellishing the hair like a jewel.

In the case of Clarissa, we can see that her stars are colored in various shades of blue. Obviously, to apply them, her hairdresser used the famous machine so fashionable in the 2000s which, apparently, is coming back in vogue. It can be said that this detail gives the young Selassié a particular way, because on her fantastic eyes it produces a truly unique effect.

Clarissa Selassié hair
Clarissa Selassié new hairstyle (Credits: Instagram)

See how wonderful?