Clash over the mojito in the Chamber, Mulè tow M5S deputy

Scerra talks about seaside resorts and recalls Salvini’s summer at the seaside. The vice president of the Chamber: “It’s an offensive reminder, let’s avoid reminders about what someone drinks or doesn’t drink”

Clash in the House on Mojitothe cocktail that hit the headlines in the summer of 2019 during the holidays of the then Interior Minister, Matteo Salviniwho a few weeks later decided to put the Conte 1 Government into crisis. The deputy mentioned it M5S Filippo Scerraduring the examination of the report on Italy’s participation in the European Union, with subsequent recall by the vice-president of the Room and rotating president of the Assembly, Giorgio Mulèwhich deems the reference “offensive”.

Scerra talks about the age-old story of seasideunderlining that “the Italian coasts do not belong to any lobby, they do not belong to this Government but belong to the Italians, who deserve to have more efficient services and lower prices. The latest news, in truth, is that the minister Salviniperhaps in the grip of his own Mojitohas lowered prices, but the prices have been lowered by concessions, the prices of Italian citizens have not been lowered and this is a shame.”

“Let’s avoid making unnecessary references to what someone drinks and doesn’t drinkcan be offensive“, he interrupts Mule and from there a tense back and forth arises: “it is absolutely not offensive”, replies the Cinquestelle exponent. “If it is offensive – continues the President of the Assembly – I will decide, for me it is offensive”. “I didn’t find it offensive,” he insists Scerra not at all willing to give up. “Since I decide what is offensive, it is offensive. Let’s move on”, closes the controversy Mule.