Clashes between Napoli and Roma fans on A1: the reconstruction, what happened

Napoli fans throw stones and bottles at the Giallorossi on their way to Milan, then the clash

Napoli fans headed to Genoa for the match against Sampdoria and inside the closed Badia al Pino service area, together with that of Arno and Montepulciano, precisely to avoid possible clashes. Roma supporters traveling on minivans headed to Milan for tonight’s match between Milan and Mourinho’s team.

It’s just after 1 pm when the supporters from Campania catch a glimpse of the Giallorossi at kilometer 364, their former twin brothers: the Napoli fans start throwing stones and bottles at the vehicles, which don’t continue their journey but stop on the A1 motorway in the Arezzo section. On foot they arrive right next to the service area where Gabriele Sandri, also a Lazio fan, was killed, killed on November 11, 2007 by agent Luigi Spaccarotella who fired a pistol following some scuffles between fans.

The clash between the two factions, 150 boys on each side, is so violent that the Polstrada agents, already busy guarding the entire stretch of motorway, are forced to close the road between Monte San Savino and Arezzo. A Roma fan was the worst, taken to hospital in Arezzo for his injuries. The images of the video surveillance cameras thanks to which it is hoped to be able to identify the protagonists are being examined by the policemen and carabinieri on the spot together with the agents of the Polstrada and the Florence Mobile Department.

(by Silvia Mancinelli)