Clashes between Napoli and Roma fans, Palummella: “Too many aftermath after Ciro’s death”

“It’s a story that goes like this, it will never be resolved again, a pity for football”

“Roma-Napoli is a story that goes like this, it will never be resolved again. There are too many aftermaths after the death of Ciro (Esposito, ed) and the provocative banners against the mother of a boy who is no longer there”. Gennaro Montuori, the ‘Palummella’ of the historic Napoli group “Commando Ultrà Curva B”, thus comments to Adnkronos on the clashes between Napoli and Roma fans which forced the temporary closure of the Arezzo section of the A1.

‘Palummella’ recalls that “there had been approaches” to mend the situation between the two fans after the murder of the young Napoli supporter, killed by a gunshot fired by the Roman ultras, Daniele De Santis on May 3, 2014 , when the final of the Italian football cup between Fiorentina and Naples was about to be played at the Olympic stadium in Rome. “Even Ciro’s mother – underlines Montuori – sent an appeal. But now there’s little to do, any steps backwards are impossible. Gone are the days when yellow and red and blue mixed”.

“We’re old now, I fought for years, I created the twinning – underlines the former ultras boss – but in the face of a dead person it’s very difficult to hope for a solution. It’s a shame not only for us, but for football as a whole. Geography of support has changed and I confirm that there will no longer be the derby del Sole, I am convinced of this knowing the two squares well”.