Clashes Sudan, 24-hour truce to evacuate wounded and civilians

The announcement of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary group has announced a 24-hour ceasefire to ensure safe passage of civilians and evacuation of those injured in three days of fighting in Sudan. General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, deputy chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council of Sudan and commander of the rapid support forces, wrote on Twitter. The armistice was announced following talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and calls from other nations calling for a temporary ceasefire in Sudan.

They would be more than 180 dead and 1,800 injured in the three days of clashes, said the United Nations envoy to Sudan, Volker Perthes yesterday. The real toll could be higher as many areas of Khartoum, with the bodies on the ground, cannot be reached due to the ongoing clashes.

The ongoing fighting in Sudan is part of ”a new revolution”. And the head of the Sovereign Council as well as of the Sudanese army, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, is ”hidden” and ”defeated”, meanwhile the RSF claim in a note released via Twitter, stating that ”the moment of truth, to put an end to the lies of the coup and extremist group”. The paramilitary group, continues the statement, ”is participating in the battle for dignity to give back to the population the right to freedom, justice and democracy”.

In the same way, the RSF claimed ”victories” in the fighting with the regular armed forces and announced that it ”continues its commitment to try to achieve its noble objectives, the main one being the formation of a civilian government which can lead the country towards a real democratic transition”.

In a statement released via Facebook, the RSF then accused Al Burhan, described as the “rebel leader of a coup plotter” and an “extremist terrorist group”, of seeking “a false victory”. strength and defeated, prey to the panic and fear that assails him”, continues the statement, stating that at present he ”has no right to make decisions” since he ”cannot even protect himself”. So, he continues the note, ”it is clear that the end of this unjust junta is closer than ever. We reiterate our request that respectful treatment be confirmed for all members of the armed forces who have been taken prisoner and respect for international laws and standards”.