Clashes ultras Naples and Rome, what happened on the highway

Clashes and violence on the A1: reconstruction

The police are working to identify the fans involved in the clashes that took place today between the Napoli and Roma ultras on the A1 motorway in the section between Monte San Savino and Arezzo, in Tuscany. According to reports from the Arezzo Police Headquarters, at about 1.30 pm today about 350 Napoli fans heading for Genoa stopped in the Badia al Pino service area heading north, the same area where the Lazio fan Gabriele Sandri died in 2007, killed from the bullet exploded by the agent Luigi Spaccarotella.

The personnel of the police force specially prepared with a service order from the Police Chief of Arezzo intervened by closing the entrance to the service area to prevent a group of Roma supporters of whom news had been received, in transit along the same itinerary, could come into contact with Napoli fans.

In the meantime, other police personnel present in another service area called the Arno have been brought to the scene. The Roma fans in transit, most likely warned of the presence of the Neapolitans, slowed down until they stopped at the rest area while a part of the Napoli ultras, positioned along the fence, began throwing objects blunt towards cars on the roadway.

In a short time both groups moved up to the autogrill exit and came into contact for a few minutes; a Roma supporter was wounded with a stab wound and is in yellow code. The Roma supporters left after about 15 minutes, while the Neapolitan fans remained in the service area and were subsequently escorted to Genoa by the police. The highway was closed for about 50 minutes northbound.