Claudia Arvati, historical chorister of the big names in Italian music, has died. She was 62 years old

“Hi Claudia. Your beautiful voice will always sing with us”. So Claudio Baglioni, on social media, greets Claudia Arvati, the singer-songwriter’s historic chorister as well as many other great artists, who died today at the age of 62.

Arvati had also participated in The Voice Senior in recent months, reaching the final. She was born in Mantua on November 14, 1960 and since she was a child she had started playing guitar and bass, making her music her passion and her profession. As a young girl, at 17, she had then moved to the capital to be part of a female group that reinterpreted famous covers. Over the years, she begins to get noticed more and more even by famous singers in the music scene. Thus she becomes a chorister for Donatella Rettore, Fiorella Mannoia, Renato Zero, Gigi D’Alessio, Gianni Morandi, Giorgia, Andrea Bocelli and Claudio Baglioni.

The artist had been ill for some time, as she herself had written on her social networks, and last July she had posted a photo while she was in the hospital to undergo an operation: “My name is Claudia and I am about to have an operation. It is an appointment that I can’t miss it but if I pass this I win 100 Millemiglia points. And maybe I find the CANC key and stop this centrifuge. I’m trying to convince the body to ally with me and surf this s…. zetto that zompetta inside me” he wrote.