Claudia Gerini and the desire to still be a mother: “It’s absurd that in a civilized country …”

Great protagonist of Italian cinema, Claudia Gerini is the mother of two daughters: do you know what she said about the hypothesis of a third motherhood?

We all love her for her acting skills that have made her one of the most loved faces in Italian cinema: Claudia Gerini however, she is also a very interesting woman from a personal point of view who, with her intelligence, has always shown a character that is not at all trivial.

Claudia Gerini and the desire to be a mother again: “It’s absurd that in a civilized country …” (Instagram)

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Her two daughters were born from two very important stories: Rosa, born from the marriage with her ex-husband Alessandro Enginoli, and Linda, had by the leader of the Tiromancino Federico Zampaglione.

After the end of the relationship with the famous singer, the two remained excellent friends: “we realized that our relationship was changing. Federico took his own house to be alone for a while and make music. He came and went constantly. A year and three months ago our couple officially ended, but we continued to get along as before and our little girl didn’t notice anything. We were lucky: there were no snags, betrayals or recriminations. We are always a family, even if I have regained my freedom, ”the actress told the weekly Grace.

Gerini does not rule out having another child and in this regard she made important statements months ago that represent a valid food for thought.

Claudia Gerini and the hypothesis of becoming a mother for the third time: “I would like to open a case”

In September this year, the former star of Honeymoons, wanted to turn the spotlight on the deeply felt issue of the possibility for a single woman to adopt: “The fact is that, being single, I cannot ask for an adoption and it is incredibly absurd that in a civilized country a woman who wants to give love to a child, who has the financial resources and space in the house, cannot do it.

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Aware of her privileged position as a public figure, Claudia asks herself a very important question: “Why does a child have to stay in an orphanage rather than with a mother who loves him? I would very much like a case to be opened: maybe, if the battle is made by an actress, it has more echo ”.

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Claudia Gerini mother
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Words that lead us to reflect and that demonstrate the great sensitivity of this beloved actress.