Claudia Gerini in her book: Carlo Verdone would have wanted a serious story

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Many wonder if there was ever an actual romance between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio after they did together Titanic. Ironically, the Italians have always wondered if there was some tender between Claudia Gerini and Carlo Verdone who have made many films together and have always shown that they are united by a strong friendship and complicity. Well now the confirmation seems to have arrived that “Jessica and Ivano” could have been something more, at least for Verdone according to what Claudia Gerini wrote in her autobiographical book to be released on May 2nd.

The autobiography that makes people talk

Today we talk of nothing else after the numerous interviews released by Claudia Gerini to present her book in which talks about his life, professional and private. His life partners such as Gianni Boncompagni and Federico Zampaglione are mentioned, and other well-known faces with more or less burning revelations. It can be said that Carlo Verdone is responsible for Gerini’s great success as an actress, having made her known to the general public and allowing her to make her debut in the cinema. Today Gerini confirmed that there would be a flirting in 1996 which, however, did not lead to a serious and lasting story at his behest. “After I’m crazy about Iris Blond a flirtation was born, it wasn’t a real story – said Claudia – He wanted to go on while I was emotionally confused. I was not in the historic moment of having a serious relationship as he wanted. It took us a while to accept this thing but now we are great friends”.

Carlo Verdone’s proposal

A confession that inevitably sowed gossip all over the web and caught the media off guard who now want to know more. Charles Verdone at the moment he didn’t answer and underlined nothing, but until recently the two professionals of the seventh art have never hidden that they feel great esteem and affection for each other. So, despite the advances of the Roman director and actor, there shouldn’t be any hard feelings or resentment between the two for something that didn’t go as either of them hoped.