Claudia Gerini without makeup: the “before and after” leaves you speechless, natural is even more beautiful

Have you ever seen Claudia Gerini natural? A “before and after” has popped up on social media, you will be truly speechless while watching it.

It was exactly 1991 when Claudia Gerini – after having already made her debut as a model and actress at a very young age – joined Gianni Boncompagni’s Primadonna program conducting a telephone game and – some time later – Non è la rai. Since that moment, 32 years have passed, yet Claudia Gerini has come a long way!

Claudia Gerini natural. Credits: Instagram – gossip only

Born in Rome in December 1971, Claudia Gerini she intends to join the entertainment world from a very young age. At the age of 13, in fact, she wins a beauty contest and becomes the face of some commercials. After her debut in the cinema and on our small screen, however, the actress rides the wave of success, playing an immensity of roles and obtaining many awards. It is no coincidence, in fact, that today you are among the most loved faces of Italian cinema. Have you ever wondered, however, how she is natural? Whenever she shows off in public, Gerini dazzles everyone with her all-natural beauty, but what does she look like completely without makeup?

Just as Teresa Langella, former beloved tronista of Men and Women, also recently wanted to do, the famous and appreciated Roman actress also wanted to show her supporters the effect of the make-up. In this video shared a few months ago, Claudia Gerini it shows first natural, enchanting everyone with her beauty, and then with her makeup. Curious to see it? Here it is: a real charm!

Claudia Gerini without makeup: before and after images

Many times we happened to tell you about our beloved VIPs without make-up! Recently, for example, we told you about Benedetta Rossi, who “enjoyed” herself on her social networks by highlighting a detail that emerged from her naturalness. Or of Cecilia Rodriguez, who also given her very young age boasts of an impressive beauty. This time, however, we want to tell you about her: Claudia Gerini! Sifting through her Instagram channel, we tracked down an old video that shows her before and after makeup. Have you seen it too?

There are many people who enjoy making the so-called “reels”. There are those who do them, for example, showing off a change of look. Or who – as in the case of the Roman actress – shows the before and after without make-up. Have you ever seen How is Claudia Gerini completely natural? Here she is:

claudia without makeup
Before photo. Credits: Instagram – gossip only

The photo that we will propose again below, however, shows the actress with makeup. Let’s look at the differences:

claudia after makeup
Photo after makeup. Credits: Instagram – gossip only

Don’t be sorry, but we don’t notice any kind of difference: Claudia Gerini is splendid both with and without makeup. Do you agree?