Claudia Megré, a playlist about Naples and the single “Parlami in Neapolitan”

1) Roberto Murolo and Mia Martini – Cu ‘mme

Written by Enzo Gragnaniello and masterfully interpreted by two immense artists, this masterpiece song, with intense and passionate lyrics and sounds, has always been in my listening list and among the songs that I sing and play accompanying myself on the guitar.

2) Lina Sastri – Era de Maggio

Wonderful poem by Salvatore Di Giacomo set to music by Mario Pasquale Costa, “Era de Maggio” evokes a great emotion in me every time I listen to it.

I find Sastri’s interpretation passionate and full of pathos.

3) Lucio Dalla – Song

Among my reference songwriters, Lucio Dalla has always been a source of inspiration and this song, whose video clip was shot in the historic center of Naples, immediately won me over with its engaging melody and its airy sounds and atmospheres.

4) Pino Daniele – Napule is

For every Neapolitan Pino Daniele is a piece of the heart and this song is dedicated to

Naples is a pearl, a perfect story that contains the nuances of a city full of contradictions but of disarming beauty and profound hope.

5) Renato Carosone – Maruzzella

This great classic of Neapolitan song has always had a great fascination for me. Mediterranean sounds and persuasive rhythm intertwine perfectly with a slow melody and an intense love text, giving life to a true masterpiece.

6) Enzo Gragnaniello – Regardless

From the powerful and poignant text that tells a love story that is coming to an end,

“Indifferentmente” is a Neapolitan song from 1963. I find it very intense

Enzo Gragnaniello’s passionate and visceral interpretation.

7) Mina – Caress me

A song that won me over on first listen. The amazing and unmistakable voice of the Cremona tiger gives this wonderful Neapolitan song warm and vibrant atmospheres that seal the dreamy love lyrics.

8) Domenico Modugno – You are a great thing

Among the greatest declarations of love in music, it is a song that is impossible not to

let yourself be carried away. Direct and passionate tones and at the same time impetuous and in search of

confirmation, together with the sounds they create an emotional union that reaches straight to the heart.

9) Prince and Partner M – Registered Na

It’s a song that has returned to my listening list. I met Antonio De Carmine Principe some time ago: he was fresh from the Sanremo Festival and I was just starting out. We met again months ago and today he is co-author and producer of my new single coming out “Parlami in napoletano”.

10) Teresa De Sio – Voglia ‘e turnà

This song manages to convey attachment to one’s land in a light and sunny way. Its energetic sound and the harmonious voice of the Neapolitan singer-songwriter, yes they blend perfectly, giving the song a bright and joyful atmosphere.