Claudia Ruffo without makeup and filters: the actress is as beautiful as ever

Claudia Ruffo without makeup and without filters: the actress of Un posto al sole is as beautiful as ever.

Un posto al sole is a soap opera produced entirely in Italy aired since 1996 on Rai Tre. Since her debut she has never stopped and this is naturally due to the fact that she has received high ratings since her debut; the public is overwhelmed by the plot that brings to the stage events that often reflect reality.

A place in the sun, Claudia Ruffo without makeup and filters: the actress is beautiful natural (Credits: instagram)

Viewers can thus have experienced a scene or put themselves in the shoes of the protagonists because we know that the soap is broadcasting very topical themes. Claudia Ruffo made her debut as Angela Poggi from a very young age in the same year of debut. After many years she leaves her character for a while to face new work experiences. We saw her in Pride chapter 3, in Seafarers 2.

The return to A Place in the Sun did more than please the viewers who were waiting for nothing else. Now the soap is her home and seeing her in the role of Angela is also for us like saying ‘a safe haven’. In fact, there are those characters such as Angela, or Marina, Raffaele, Franco, Giulia, Silvia, Filippo, Renato, Serena and many others, of which it would be difficult to accept a farewell. Today Claudia is known to the public and consequently she is also known on social networks, and it is here that she shares many photos. Going to browse we recovered an old shot in which she shows herself to the sea without makeup and filters: that’s how the actress is.

A place in the sun, Claudia Ruffo without makeup and filters: she is as beautiful as ever

Claudia Ruffo joined the cast of Un posto al sole in 1996, debut year of the soap opera. Since then, she has played the role of Angela Poggi but her career has gone beyond her, in fact she has acted in cinema and on television.

We saw her on the small screen in Pride Chapter Three, People of the Sea 2, The Restorer 2, Mina Settembre. In addition to being a talented actress she is also beautiful and on her social networks we can admire all her wonderful shots of her. Sifting through we noticed a shot showing without makeup and filters.

Claudia Ruffo without makeup
Credits: instagram

The photo dates back to July 2021. Claudia appears in all her natural beauty. Even without make-up she is beautiful as never before!