Claudia Ruggeri reveals to everyone how she keeps fit: this is her ‘secret’

Claudia Ruggeri reveals to everyone how she keeps fit: this is what she does, this is her ‘secret’.

Claudia Ruggeri she needs no introduction today, we got to know her better thanks to Avanti another. In fact, for some years now it has been a regular presence in Paolo Bonolis’ program which is being prepared for the new edition. He is at the head of the famous minimondo and in all episodes he shows us who the characters are inside it.

Claudia Ruggeri, in shape (credits: instagram)

When he joined the cast, his role was that of ‘Alternate’. In a previous interview with SuperGuida lei TV, she said she was very happy with her new image of her. In fact, thanks to her Miss Claudia she manages to be herself and this was born with the idea of ​​being able to put on the famous sitting room. Her presence on the small screen and even earlier in the entertainment world dates back to several years ago.

She made her debut as a model and at 18, she says, she made her debut on television in Piero Chiambretti’s program. Today everyone knows it and above all everyone appreciates it a lot. The same public also follows her on social networks. Claudia shows great shape, but do you know how she does it? She showed her ‘routine’ through her instagram stories.

Claudia Ruggeri reveals her ‘secret’ to everyone: this is how she always manages to be in perfect shape

She began working as a model and at 18 she made her television debut in Piero Chiambretti’s program. Claudia Ruggeri in recent years he has come a long way until arriving in the format led by Paolo Bonolis, flanked by Luca Laurenti, Avanti unaltra.

At first, you will remember, she played the role of alternate teacher, then she changed. She today she is Miss Claudia and she presents the characters that are in the famous minimondo, all bizarre and funny characters. The protagonist of Next Another is very famous today, so much so that she is followed on social networks by thousands of people. Since she is very popular, she does not fail to update her profile with photos and stories. A few weeks ago she posted an old photo from several years ago in the ig. She wore her hair much longer and in her shot she appears without makeup. In these last days instead he updated his followers showing how he keeps himself in great shape. Do you know what his ‘secret’ is?

claudia ruggeri form
Claudia, exercises (credits. Instagram)

Of course this is not a real secret, Claudia takes care of her body to always be in great shape: in what way? She trains a lot, exercises with weights and with tools.

Claudia ruggeri forms
Claudia’s training (credits: instagram)

To carry out the training he is followed by a professional. In fact, she shared stories that the personal trainer posted between her ig’s in which she appears practicing. Apparently Miss Claudia trains her body to keep fit.