Claudio Amendola made his debut at only 19, but what did he do before becoming an actor?

Claudio Amendola made his debut as an actor at only 19, but what did he do before taking this path? Not everyone imagines it.

It was the moment we most waited for and it has finally arrived: Claudio Amendola will return to take on the role of Carlo Guerrieri. Starting tonight, Monday April 4th, the new episodes of Nero in mezzo will be broadcast. What should we expect? We have read some previews, we assure you: we will see some good ones!

Do you know what Claudio Amendola did before becoming an actor? Credits: Youtube

Claudio Amendola is one of the most loved faces of our local show. Starting tonight, he will again play Carlo Guerrieri, strong and courageous police inspector, but in his immense career the actor has dressed many clothes. It is since he made his debut at the age of 19, in fact, that the good Amendola has never stopped. And today he represents the flagship of Italian acting. But have you ever wondered what it did before becoming an actor? His debut, as we said, is almost 20 years old, but before this moment what was he doing? Not everyone imagines this background about him: let’s find out together!

What did Claudio Amendola do before becoming an actor? Not everyone imagines

All great artists have their own past! We found this out with Biagio Izzo, who, before becoming a famous and appreciated comedian, did several jobs. And we have had confirmation with Claudio Amendola. Today he is a beloved face of the Italian show, yet we are sure that not everyone knows this “background” of the past: what did the Roman actor do before embarking on this path?

Son of Ferruccio Amendola and Rita Savagnone, Claudio Amendola is certainly a son of art. His debut, as mentioned a moment ago, came at a fairly mature age, but before this what did he do? Perhaps not everyone knows, but it would seem that the Roman actor started working immediately. From what we learn, in fact, it would seem that he did the work as a manual worker as soon as he finished eighth grade and that he then worked as a clerk.

Claudio amendola before
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After his debut in “Story of love and friendship” at just 19, Claudio Amendola was unstoppable.