Claudio Amendola, what is your educational qualification and the reason for that decision

Do you know what the qualification of the well-known Claudio Amendola is? Let’s find out the reason for this particular decision together.

Claudio Amendola he is one of the most popular Italian actors in our country, both on the small and on the big screen. We know a lot about him, but do you also know what his educational qualification is?

Claudio Amendola: do you know what his qualification is and why? (Source Instagram)

Son of art of the great voice actor Ferruccio Amendola And Rita Savagnone, he began his career in the acting world at 19. His first role was that of the Jewish boxer Davide Sonnino in Love and friendship story. A role that made him even more famous and known to a younger audience is that of the protagonist Giulio in the television series Cesaroni. As a kid, however, his acting career was not his main goal, but he had another great passion: football. A little known thing about Claudio Amendola is his qualification, do you know what it is and the reason for this decision?

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Claudio Amendola: what is your educational qualification?

Regarding the private life of Claudio Amendola we know he has been married for 14 years to Marina Grande, with whom he had two daughters, Alessia And Giulia. After the end of his first marriage, he bonded with his colleague Francesca Neri, with whom he married in New York and had his only son, Rocco. In a previous interview with the weekly Today, he had said that “The one with Francesca was the most important meeting of my life”.

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Claudio Amendola educational qualification
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A curiosity concerning the actor is his diploma. Claudio Amendola he finished his school studies in the second year of high school, for this reason he has only the eighth grade diploma. In an interview with Vanity Fair he explained that his only interest at the time was playing football. The passion for this sport remained, as the actor is an avid fan of Rome, while his wife is a Lazio fan. Jokingly, he said that he once hid toys from his son Rocco and told him that it was the Lazio who had taken them. A really nice man who sacrificed his studies for a brilliant career in the world of television and cinema.

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We love Claudio Amendola, and did you know what his qualification is?