Claudio Baglioni announces retirement: “You get out of the ring when you are a winner”

The singer-songwriter will give himself “a lap of honor” before ending his career

“I remember what my father said: you get out of the ring when you are a winner“. For this reason, after having crossed the finish line of 60 years, Claudio Baglioni has announced that he will end his career by 2026.

“Life is now – said the singer while meeting the press in Milan on the occasion of the ‘aTuttocuore’ tour and quoting the title of his album -. I feel like I’ve crossed the 60 year mark and I decided to give myself the lap of honor and close this beautiful human and musical storyfull of satisfaction, with all the up and down curves it gave me.”

“I call it my lap of honour, I would like to sing and play for 1000 more days and indulge in what sportsmen do.” The artist then underlined that his “activity will end by 2026, making a series of projects and putting them into act, but they will all be the last laps”.

“This story has lasted for quite a few years – Baglioni recalled -. In 1964, not yet 13 years old, I climbed the first steps of a stage for a small festival of new voices in Centocelle. And since then 60 years have passed “. This year, he recalled, “I celebrate 55 years of career, my first album dates back to 1969 but my musical life is 60 years old and every time it has been a form of competition, a feat. And I’ve done a lot. In the end it became my life itself.”

“I don’t want to become a speck”

“I fear the day of disappointment, in which we become a bit of a speck, with photographs to be restored, so as not to violate this image of a demigod, and there is nothing presumptuous in what I say – he assured -. I don’t want to get to that and I need to put into a framework the things I’m going to do. It’s also organizing a last lap, a last race. This time the undertaking is more studied.”

“No more songs but one last album”

“I have so many notes that I don’t even have the courage to listen to. Lots of unfinished songs. I wrote approximately 365 unreleased songs: I don’t think I’ll write any more songs, maybe I’ll write something else.” Then, who asked him if he intends to make a record in these 1,000 days, the artist replied: “Yes, definitely yes”.

For ‘aTuttocuore’ new date in Rome on February 26th

The grand finale of ‘aTuttocuore’, Claudio Baglioni’s opera show, which started in Pesaro on 18 January and which will see the artist on stage at the Assago Forum this evening, will be held in Rome on February 26th of Milan for three evenings. The new and fifth Roman date will be held at the Palazzo dello Sport after the 6 maxi-events in September at the Central Stadium of the Foro Italico.