Claudio Baglioni in concert with the aTUTTOCUORE tour: 9 events in Rome, Verona and Palermo

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After the huge success of the solo tour of 156 concerts in the opera houses of Twelve Notes Solo Encore, Claudius Baglioni returns to spectacular live shows with at ALL HEART: 9 maxi live events which announce themselves as revolutionary, thanks to a new total representation, in three gigantic spatial dimensions – horizontality, verticality, depth – in which music, light, figure, gesture, action and the multiple arts and modalities of the amazing world of entertainment merge. There will be 3 appointments at the CENTRAL STADIUM of the FORO ITALICO in ROME (21-22-23 September 2023), 3 concerts at the VERONA ARENA (5-6-7 October 2023) e 3 those at the PAOLO BORSELLINO VELODROME in PALERMO (12-13-14 October 2023): suitable and ideal spaces for a highly innovative, fascinating, overwhelming show that will surprise the public. LAfter all, Baglioni’s story is that of an extraordinary, tireless pioneer, both in record productions and in live performances. Indeed, in more than fifty years of career, it is impossible to find two albums by him or two concerts that are similar or repetitive: every time, it is a “first”.

Claudius Baglioni was the first to inaugurate the season of large pop-rock gatherings (1982: “Alé-oó”); the first to solo play all instruments and all parts, from one man band (1986: “Solo”); the first to place the stage center stage (1991: “Over a beautiful night”); the first to completely eliminate the stage from the performance space (1996: “Red Tour”); the first touring with his band aboard a truck (1996: “Electric Tour”); the first to perform in the center of the largest Italian stadiums, with the public packed with grandstands and curves as in sporting events (1998: “From me to you”; 2003: “Everything in a hug”); the first to use virtual technologies, shaped lasers and interactive objects (2000: “Blue Tour – The Journey”); the first to perform, with an audience, in the amphitheater of Pompeii (2000: “A Night’s Dream of Notes”); the first to undertake a tour of recitals in Italian-style theaters (2001: “InCanto”); the first to design the stages of his own live performances (2003-2004: “Growing up”with the stage, on four overlapping levels, e 2006-2007: “Everybody Here” with a central warehouse, divided into four content areas); the first to bring the stage back to the center of the Arena di Verona in the modern era (2018: “In the center”); the first to open the summer season of the Rome Opera, at the Baths of Caracalla and the only one to be represented for twelve consecutive evenings (2022: “Twelve Notes – All Up!”). The central theme of the project “with ALL HEART” will revolve around Heart, sound and primordial instrument of existence. The rhythmic percussion that is music of life and of life. The dance that moves us in and out. The universal dance which, between courage and sadness, makes us agree: “Always – explained Baglioni – the heart is considered the center, the core, the heart of everything. Of life itself, of course. But also of passions, feelings, emotions, businesses, adventures. And, of course, love: the greatest energy that exists in nature. From these reflections and suggestions, the idea of ​​calling my new round of performances “a TUTTOCUORE” was born, where, once again, music will be the beating heart of a total, integral concert project, made even more precious and astonishing by the use and the aid of lighting techniques, projections, performances from artistic forms and disciplines, to create particular and never seen before suggestions. Our hearts will beat in time with the music, because these concerts have been conceived and will be experienced by all of us with full force, with full joy, with full energy! But also across the board and in the round, both structurally – narration, illustration and movement will develop along the lines of horizontal and vertical planes, with considerable depths and imposing heights – and symbolically, in an ideal embrace between artists, musicians, performers and spectators, to exchange, from heart to heart, a unique experience to be shared together with TUTTOCUORE”.

These are the dates of “aTUTTOCUORE”, produced and organized by Friends & Partners:

21/09/2023 – Central Stadium Foro Italico in ROME

22/09/2023 – Central Stadium Foro Italico in ROME

23/09/2023 – Central Stadium Foro Italico in ROME

05/10/2023 – Arena of VERONA

06/10/2023 – Arena of VERONA

07/10/2023 – Arena of VERONA

12/10/2023 – Paolo Borsellino Velodrome in PALERMO

10/13/2023 – Paolo Borsellino Velodrome in PALERMO

10/14/2023 – Paolo Borsellino Velodrome in PALERMO

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