Claudio Santamaria, between the night of the Oscars and season 2 of the Christian series

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We could call him Jeeg Robot, given that thanks to Gabriele Mainetti’s performance in the film he won a well-deserved David di Donatello. But Claudio Santamaria was also the legendary Pentothalin Peace! the feature film based on the comics by Andrea Pazienza and the acchittato in the film Criminal novel. He challenged 007 in Casino Royale and lent his voice to the most beloved Batman on the big screen, namely the one played by Christian Bale. In short, he is the right man in the right place to comment together with Costantino della Gherardesca, Francesco Castelnuovo, Gianni Canova and Francesca Baraghini on the night of the Oscars. (HERE THE SPECIAL). There The 95th Academy Awards® will be live in the night between on 12 and 13 March give her 23.15 on Sky Cinema Oscar® (Sky channel 303 and streaming on NOW), on Sky One and clear up TV8. And from March 24 he will return in the role of the Vatican emissary Matteo, second season of the series Sky Original Christian, exclusively on Sky and NOW. Here’s what the Italian actor told us

The interview with Claudio Santamaria

Is there a film or performance that particularly impressed you among the Oscar-nominated titles?

As a film I loved it very much The Fabelmans by Steven Spielberg. It’s a film that touched me a lot. I also liked it The Spirits of the Island and Everything Everywhere All at Once for the incredible construction and for the narrative mechanism they managed to invent with those parallel worlds. As for the interpretations, I was impressed by Ana De Armas in Blonde. Even the film (although it was not nominated) struck me, net of certain naiveties. It is a free work in style and in its being an unconventional, uncomfortable, at times disturbing biopic. As it happened to me while watching Maps of the Stars by Davis Cronenberg o Mullholland Drive by David Lynch Blonde it made me feel all the ferocity of Hollywood. I found it interesting too Elvishowever it has a much more traditional approach.

What is your opinion on the slap that Will Smith gave Chris Rock during the last edition of the Oscars? To prevent similar incidents from happening again during the live broadcast, the Academy Award has set up a special crisis unit this year.

First of all, let’s hope that nothing like this happens in this edition. I don’t think an act of violence should ever be justified, especially during a show. But Will Smith that very night would have won the Oscar for A Winning Family – King Richard, film in which he plays a master father. Not to mention that Smith’s dad was a violent man, I believe that at the origin of this gesture there is an inner conflict that Will has with himself. Having said that, I didn’t find Chris Rock’s joke appropriate or even ironic. It was a stab, an incorrect sentence with the aggravating circumstance of having been pronounced in front of the directly concerned Jada Pinkett Smith.

In your career, you have won a well-deserved David Di Donatello egr They called him Jeeg Robot and some Silver Ribbons. Have you ever thought about what you would say if you won an Academy Award?

I would certainly thank the people who believed in me. Sometimes I fantasized about delivering an absolutely crazy speech. And above all I would follow the advice of Ricky Gervais who in 2020, when he hosted the Golden Globes, said: “If you win an award tonight, do not use this stage to make political speeches. You are not in a position to lecture the public on anything”. instead the importance of the commitment in doing the work of an actor. Ours is a profession in which you never stop learning. Of course, it is a discussion that makes sense in Italy and not in the United States, where they know it is you need to study, work your way up.In our country, on the other hand, sometimes it’s enough to be handsome to believe you can act.

So what do you remember from your experience on the set of Casino Royale?

It was wonderful. On such a set it is almost impossible to fail. In Italy there are many good actors, as in the rest of the world. Talent is everywhere. In the United States we study the Stanislavskij method, here, on the other hand, there are a myriad of schools and there is no uniformity of teaching. And then the difference is also in the budget, overseas you have more time available for filming, so that the scene is perfect. There is it stand in, a stunt double used to do light rehearsals for you, so one can concentrate on performing. No one comes to talk to you or disturb you before shooting a scene. There is respect for the work of others which is often not found in many Italian sets.

This year The Batman got three nominations. You were the Italian dubber of Christian Bale in the trilogy directed by Nolan dedicated to the bat man. What do you feel when you happen to see them again?

When I intercept them on TV, I stop to listen to myself again. I had done voice-overs as a kid, but they were very small roles. In jargon they are called “buzz rounds” and you are together with other people. So that was the first big character I ever voiced. I struggled a lot at first, but not so much to voice Batman. The hardest thing was finding the right tone for Bruce Wayne. It’s easier when the protagonist is wearing a mask or a costume. After all, as Bale’s interpretation has grown and the figure of the Gotham vigilante has evolved over the course of the 3 films, so has my work improved too. Even if I’m quite satisfied, today I would do the dubbing of Batman Begins, while I am totally enthusiastic about The Dark Knight Risesor. I’m also happy that I voiced the Batman in The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie, The LEGO Movie 2 – A new adventure. I think they are very funny and sharp animated feature films.

The second season of the series will arrive on Sky from 24 March Christian. How will your character evolve?

In these new episodes, Matteo will become a central figure. He will be forced to face enormous conflicts and great moral dilemmas. He will find himself facing crossroads where it will be difficult to make the right choice.

We’ll see you at the cinema from March 16 with Physical education, presented at the 30th edition of Sguardi Altrove Film Festival. What can you tell us about the film directed by Stefano Cipani?

It’s a powerful film. A work that deals with a current and very uncomfortable theme. It centers on the parents of three pupils who are summoned by the principal to a gymnasium. Their children are accused of raping a partner. So it will be up to them to decide whether to be conspiratorial and accomplices of their crime or to be adult and responsible parents and make them serve the right sentence.