Clima, Axa alongside Vision Think Tank for the 1st Dolomite conference

It was presented to the press today1st Dolomite Conference on the Global Governance of Climate Change. On the Road to Sharm-El-Sheik – The end of the zero-sum games‘, conceived by Vision Think Tank, directed by Prof. Francesco Grillo, with Axa Italia as main corporate partner, Autostrada per il Brennero as locality partner and in scientific partnership with Bocconi University, Politecnico di Milano and the University Ca ‘Foscari. The Dolomite conference will be held in Trento and Bolzano between 20 and 22 October and will see the participation of Bill Emmott, Giovanna Melandri, Enrico Giovannini, Phoebe Koundouri, Erik Beglof, Robera Benedetti, Malaika Vaz, Maja Groff, Rohinton Medhora, Ali Al -Sadiq, Rossella Miccio, Alexandra Borchard, Stefania Giannini, Bill de Blasio, Cliff Prior, Marco Morelli, Gilles Moëc, Giacomo Gigantiello and many others.

As stated by Dr. Jill Jager in 1985 (at the Villach meeting that led to the establishment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC), “Suddenly we were seeing a problem that people thought would be in a hundred years and that it would come in the next generation ”.

Not only that, despite the progressive strengthening, over the years, of multilateral commitments in the fight against climate change, since 1995year of the first Conference of the Parties (COP) on climate in Berlin, the observed global temperature rose from 0.5 to nearly 1.35 degrees above pre-industrial values, and it is now clear that even the objective of maintaining the increase within 1.5 ° established at the Cop26 in Glasgow will not be achieved even in the most optimistic scenario. On these assumptions, Vision and its partners organize the Conference on the Dolomiteswith the intention of stirring the waters around a theme that today has become central at such a crucial moment in history and lay the foundations for a profound rethinking of global governance tools to win the ‘battle of the 21st century ‘, reinventing working formats and methods, in order to produce concrete proposals.

The initiative will have four focuses, to which four working groups will be dedicated the existing dilemma between economy and energy, the democratic question of finding a common agenda between different generations, the problem of globalization and the role of cities as centers of experimentation. The appointment will be a global problem solving event. 50 academics, journalists, policy makers, entrepreneurs and visionaries from China, the United States, Europe, India and Egypt will compete with the ultimate goal of developing a common project to be presented at the Conference of the Parties, Cop 27 in Sharm el-Sheikh in November 2022. The Dolomite Conference is a visionary project destined to become the last great informal event before the COP where different personalities, with different backgrounds and origins can dialogue.

“An interdisciplinary approach will be the key to addressing the issue of climate change in an innovative way”, he underlines Francesco Grillo, Director of Vision Think Tank and Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute Eui. “We are proud to present today a large international project that aims to reform the global tools for the governance of climate change, through a systemic, cohesive and multidisciplinary approach. As Axa we have put climate change at the center of our industrial plan, by 2023 we will invest 26 billion in sustainable assets and 1.5 billion in reforestation projects. Now with this Conference we aim to pool different skills, knowledge and points of view with a clear trajectory to bring concrete management proposals for a future more sustainable for everyone “, he comments Giacomo Gigantiello, CEO of Axa Italy.

For many, environmental sustainability is relevant Diego Cattoni, CEO of Autostrada del Brennero and Chairman of Aiscat“it is a topic mainly linked to communication. For Autostrada del Brennero it is a very concrete issue. We have recently filed with the Ministry a proposal that is valid 7.2 billion in investments, all aimed at the ecological transition, the digitalization of motorway transport and intermodality. For us it is a question of extending projects already implemented such as the production and distribution of green hydrogen, which saw us open the first and still the only center in Italy as early as 2014 “.