Climate change, Giovannini: “The Pnacc is good, now it must be implemented”

Interview with with the scientific director of ASviS

A first step on the road to preventing climate events. After several years, the National Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (known as PNACC): Enrico Giovanniniformer minister in the Letta and Draghi governments (for Infrastructure), co-founder and scientific director of ASviS (Alliance for sustainable development) explains to the key steps, between lights and shadows, of the Plan.

Professor, The approval of the Plan is really that important? “I think it is very positive that Italy has equipped itself with the Pnacc after so many years in which this Plan should have been prepared. Furthermore, its approval, which took place on 2 January, was preceded by the public consultation phase by the government in office , launched at the beginning of 2023, on the draft drawn up by the Draghi government in which I was the Minister for Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility, which received many comments from civil society, including ASvIS. But the approval of the Plan is only the “beginning of a process, we must now think about the next steps”.

What is the first step to take? “The government must quickly put in place the governance structure (the Observatory) envisaged by the PNACC and then start implementing it.”

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