Climate, Cingolani: “Cop plant perhaps needs to be rethought”

The minister: “Almost impossible compromise”

“In this very hard period in Glasgow, I have realized that it is the summit structure that perhaps needs to be rethought: 195 states, from small islands that are sinking into the ocean to countries with 1.3 billion inhabitants that have a fossil economy; finding a compromise in a single result valid for all, I think it is evident, is almost impossible “. Thus the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani to the microphones of 24Mattino on Radio 24.

“We have achieved an important result, which was developed by Italy: all countries, including China and India, have agreed to increase the ambition: no more 2 ° C of global warming in the middle of the century but 1.5 ° C, this half degree is fundamental, it could really make a difference. This is a good and important result, starting from the G20 that COP has received and that everyone has signed “, said Cingolani, adding:” To sign this thing they told us’ however, at this moment the timing of the coal abatement ‘- in fact no longer an abatement but a slower sale -‘ we have to determine it ‘, if we had said no, they would not have signed, “he explains.

“In this COP, rules have also been established, transparency procedures that must allow us to better manage financial aid to vulnerable countries starting tomorrow. One thing that disappointed me is that we have not managed to reach the 100 billion promised to the Vulnerable countries since 2015, there is a finance problem. Finance must be solidarity: now we must give, we must not think of gaining on the climate. that as Italy “this year we have made an unprecedented effort, our figures had been constant for five years, about half a billion euros, this year we have tripled them”.

Given that “I had fewer expectations than the others”, he continues, drawing up an assessment of the Glasgow summit, “I am very satisfied with the impact that Italy had with the G20, bringing it to 1.5 ° C and bringing young people into the discussion”. Finally, the minister said he was “quite satisfied with COP with regard to transparency and methodologies, we took China and India with us on the acceleration to 1.5 ° C; I am very dissatisfied with the financial part because I am not convinced that everyone has understood the importance of international solidarity at this time “.

“I understand that activists must keep their attention high, on the other hand 194 states that for two weeks try to find a solution even say that it is a bla, bla, bla … unfortunately they are called rules, democracy. controversy, those who work, who have studied are faced with problems of historical significance and the solutions are neither simple nor at hand “, he said again concluding:” This is an epochal challenge, humanity has never had to face such a challenge: be careful not to simplify too much on the one hand and on the other not to have too many expectations “.