Climate, Mattarella: “The environment must be protected with targeted prevention”

The head of state returned to environmental issues recalling the violent fire that struck Curragghja, in Sardinia, 40 years ago, on 28 July 1983

“Tragic events such as those that occurred on the Curragghja hill must lead everyone to reflect on the need to respect the environment and nature: a precious resource and wealth of Sardinia and of the entire country, to be rigorously protected through a constant commitment to care for the territory and targeted prevention actions”. These are the words of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, in a message sent to the Mayor of the Municipality of Tempio Pausania, Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe Addis. The head of state wanted to recall the violent fire that hit the area 40 years ago, on July 28, 1983. (SERGIO MATTARELLA AND THE ENVIRONMENT)

The fire

“40 years have passed since the tragic 28 July 1983, the day in which a fire of unprecedented violence and proportions caused the Curragghja massacre, causing the death of nine people and wounding 15 others”, writes the head of state. “The event has profoundly marked the history of the city of Tempio Pausania and of the island, causing mourning and pain to the families of those who fell in the last attempt to prevent the fire from reaching the inhabited center. Belonging to the State Forestry Corps and volunteers sacrificed their lives to defend the common good: a heroic example of altruism for the younger generations”, Mattarella underlines again. “To the population of Tempio Pausania, to the families of the victims, to all the participants in the commemoration, I send a moved greeting in memory of that event”, she concludes.