Climate, the case of the Energy Community of the Marango Monastery

The Marango monastery, a small religious community made up of nuns and monks, located in the middle of the reclamation area north of Venice. A territory that for centuries has had to deal with the vagaries of nature, strips of land torn from the brackish waters of the marshes and which, precisely because of its past and present, is a candidate to be a Community in line with Agenda 2030 and the 17 Goals of the UN agenda.

Now also here, the new challenge concerns the changes due to climate change, for this reason the monastic community, it is making itself completely eco-sustainable, also to correspond to the dictates of Pope Francis, who has always been very attentive to environmental issues. The monastery relied on Imq eambiente to carry out this conversion.

“The Monastery of Marango can already be considered a small energy community, it is equipped with a photovoltaic system of about 9 kW, which we will expand, adding a storage system, to allow zero impact energy production that can be used in self-consumption at all hours. of the day – explains Gabriella Chiellino, CEO of Imq eambiente Group – The system that we will install will also allow the sharing of energy with nearby buildings and land that will be available to join this form of shared company. We at Imq eambiente are technicians at the service of the ecological and energy transition. We will create a Cer – Energy Community right here in Marango, we think we will be able to achieve it in 2023. Energy communities represent a way of sharing in respect of the environment, nourishing that social cohesion and universal solidarity which are some of the identity traits of the encyclical Laudato yes'”.