Climatologist Mercalli: “The hotter in the future, the more frequent extreme phenomena will be”

“Today, the last day of thunderstorms, from tomorrow a sunnier – and less hot – situation returns, which should last at least until 25 August when a new stormy passage over Italy is assumed”. This is the forecast of climatologist Luca Mercalli, president of the Italian Meteorological Society, observing that this summer is “the hottest and driest of the last 120 years”.

Speaking of the extreme bad weather that has affected the central-northern regions in the last few hours, the scientist tells Adnkronos that “we have always had similar phenomena in the summer but with the increase in heat they become more intense and frequent. So we are not talking about of new situations, except that the Mediterranean Sea, with a temperature of 30 degrees, is now 5 degrees warmer than the average, this goes to fuel the storms in terms of available humidity and energy for wind speed. warmer in the future, the more we should expect a greater frequency and intensity of these phenomena “.

Then, dwelling on the elections of September 25, Mercalli says: “It does not seem to me that climate change is at the center of electoral programs today, we talk about it when needed when needed. For years and years the United Nations Secretary General has spent his time telling us that climate and environment are the first problem, if they collapse everything collapses: society and the economy. Guterres was clear on climate change ‘either collective action or collective suicide’. There is a lack of due attention to these issues “.