Closer vaccination obligation in Europe? Here because

After the opening of the president of the EU Commission, von der Leyen: “Let’s talk about it to fight the variants”. And he asks for more restrictions for Christmas

Closest vaccination obligation in Europe. It is urgent to increase the number of citizens immune to Covid to counter the increasingly worrying spread of the pandemic. Hence the proposal of the president of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, to open a debate on the need to make the vaccine mandatory at European level. For now, his idea remains, in fact, that of a debate, of a discussion to reflect on the possibility of imposing, and no longer suggesting, the vaccination campaign can be read on “It is clear that the decision rests with the individual states”, explained von der Leyen, but at least talk about it.

The head of the European Union government does not hide his fears about the new Omicron variant: “We don’t know everything yet – he said – but what we know is enough to be worried.” Among the things that remain to be discovered is, for example, the fact of having certainty about the efficacy of the vaccine against the new variants but reassuring words come from the World Health Organization. And if the only solution is to force vaccination all those who can receive the serum, has hypothesized von der Leyen, so be it.

The president of the EU Commission explains: “On the one hand we have the virus and its variants, on the other we have vaccines and boosters and I want this second part to win. Not everyone can be immunized but the vast majority do and therefore I believe that it is understandable and appropriate to open now the discussion on how to potentially think about a vaccination obligation within the European Union “.

The vaccination campaign has had some success within the EU: one third of the population is still missing, which in numerical terms means 150 million people. Austria and Greece have already announced that they will introduce mandatory immunization in their respective countries. Germany is thinking about it. And not even Italy itself excludes it. We might as well, at this point – is von der Leyen’s thought – all sit down at a table and discuss a common measure in this sense. “A comparison and a common approach, a discussion that must be held”, concluded the head of the EU Commission.

While waiting for the debate to start and produce its effects, many states of the Union are choosing the path of limitations on entry from abroad to prevent the Omicron variant from spreading even more, even if there are already numerous cases in different countries. The Commission, in a communication just approved in Brussels, also urges governments to introduce social “contact reduction” measures during the Christmas holidays, even if “we don’t like it”, commented von der Leyen. And for travel within the Union, the president also approved tests for vaccinated citizens.

Meanwhile, the Commission encourages everyone to make the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine: by the end of March 2022, von der Leyen assured, 360 million doses of vaccines will arrive from Moderna and BioNTech / Pfizer, more than enough to inject the booster to who has already been fully vaccinated. And for children between the ages of 5 and 11, the doses (whose green light in Italy arrived late yesterday from the Agency for the drug), reduced compared to those for adults, will be available starting from 13 December.