Club Dogo are back, the announcement in a commercial with Sala and Santamaria

The surprise mayor stars together with the Roman actor in the trailer which announces the trio’s return to the stage

A dark and evocative Milan, which winks at Gotham City. And then the mayor Beppe Sala and the actor Claudio Santamaria who appear on stage. Club Dogo have chosen a cinematic-inspired trailer to announce their return to the scene. Directed by Marc Lucas, the video, released on Instagram, features Claudio Santamaria and, surprisingly, the mayor Beppe Sala (temporarily acting) committed to calling for help the three most beloved and iconic anti-heroes of the city, graphically represented by the symbol of the three-headed dog that has accompanied them since the beginning.

The return of Club Dogo is so official. In fact, almost ten years have passed since the last album of the three, released in 2014. Since then Gué, Jake La Furia and Don Joe – who with their partnership have paved the way for a generation of young hip hop artists – have dedicated themselves to their solo careers. The unbreakable friendship that has bound them since well before their success, however, has never waned, leaving fans with the hope that the Dogos’ farewell was not a farewell but a see you again.

Their first self-produced album, 2003, ‘Mi Fist’, is considered a milestone of the genre. The record passes from hand to hand among enthusiasts, starting from Milan to conquer all of Italy, ferrying them from the underground to the charts with subsequent works, which have made the history of rap. Together they released seven albums and with their crew, the Dogo Gang, they also helped bring success to many cult artists, including Marracash.