Club World Cup doubles: there will be two, that’s who participates

Fifa launches the new format: from 2025 a tournament for 32 teams every 4 years, but the annual mini-tournament also remains

The Club World Cup doubles: the tournaments become two. The FIFA Council today defined the methods of participation for the new format of the Club World Cup which from 2025 will be played by 32 teams. There will be 12 European teams, while 6 places will go to the South Americans. It has also been established that there will also be an annual Club World Cup with the Champions League winners having direct access to the final.

Following the approval of the allocation of slots for the 32-team Club World Cup, which will be played every four years from June 2025, the FIFA Council has unanimously approved the key access principles with the aim of ensuring the highest possible quality according to sporting criteria.

Taking into consideration the four-year seasons ending in 2021 and 2024, the key entry principles are as follows: For confederations with more than four slots (Europe 12 places, South America 6) – entry for champions from the previous four editions of the top club competition at confederation level (Champions League and Copa Libertadores) and additional squads determined by a club classification based on the same four-year period.

For confederations with four slots (Asia, Africa, North America) – entry for champions of the previous four editions of the confederation’s main club competition.

For confederations with one place (Oceania) – entry for the highest-ranked club among the champions of the confederation’s top club competition over the four-year term.

For host country – access for the club occupying this slot will be determined at a later stage.

As the current version of the FIFA Club World Cup will be discontinued after the 2023 edition and given the need expressed by the confederations for the champions of their main club competitions to play annually to stimulate competitiveness, the FIFA Council has approved at the unanimously the strategic concept of an annual FIFA club competition starting in 2024. This competition will see the participation of the champions of the main club competitions from all confederations and will conclude with a final to be played on neutral ground, between the winner of the Champions League League and the winner of the intercontinental play-offs among other confederations.