Cnel, Cdm appoints Brunetta as president

The former Minister of Public Administration will take the place of Tiziano Treu

“The Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Giorgia Meloni, has approved the appointment of Professor Renato Brunetta as President of the National Council of Economy and Labor (Cnel)”. This is what we read in a note from the government. “Furthermore, on the proposal of the Minister of Defense Guido Crosetto, the Council of Ministers approved the start of the procedure for the conferral of the Chief Inspector Admiral Pietro Covino of the office of President of the Pension Fund of the Armed Forces and the conferment of functions of Director of the Central Office of the Budget and Financial Affairs of the Defense to the lieutenant general of the normal role of the Stefano Rega Army Commissariat Corps”.

“Congratulations to Renato Brunetta, new president of the National Council of Economy and Labour, to whom I send my best wishes for a good job” said the Undersecretary for Labor and Social Policies Claudio Durigon in a note. “Our founding fathers have entrusted a role to Cnel, to contribute to the elaboration of reforms in the economic and social fields. It is necessary to draw up a new project with which to relaunch our country to respond to the challenges associated with a labor market in continuous evolution and a profoundly complex social framework. Thanks also to Tiziano Treu for the work done to date”.