CNN: Russia tested ballistic missile during Biden’s visit to Kiev

Russia conducted the test of a ballistic missile, the Sarmat also called Satan II, during Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine. To report it to Cnn two US military sources who specify that the test was unsuccessful. Moscow had notified the United States in advance of the test using the same lines of communication to avoid conflicts, the same ones that were used to warn the Russians of Biden’s visit to Kiev. The United States assessed that the test did not pose a risk to Biden’s visit or an anomaly signaling an escalation. (ALL UPDATES)

The reconstruction of the facts

The massive Sarmat missile, which is capable of being loaded with several nuclear warheads, has been tested successfully in the past. And if the test had been successful this time too, the Americans believe that Vladimir Putin would have announced it in yesterday’s state of the nation address. Instead, there was no reference in the speech that lasted an hour and 45, during which the Russian president announced that Russia was suspending participation in New Start, the last remaining agreement between the US and Russia on the control of atomic arsenals.