Cobat at Mce 2022, circular economy for construction, transport and infrastructure

How reduce the impact on the environment of the three key sectors: construction, transport and infrastructure? For Cobat, the answer remains the circular economy, capable of transforming what we consider waste into new matter and energy. This is why Cobat is present at Mce – Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (28 June – 1 July 2022, Fieramilano), a global business platform for companies in the Hvac + R, renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

“As is rightly argued by many, human productive activities should increasingly return to resemble what happens in nature – explains Michele Zilla, Cobat CEO – where ecosystems are able to generate and regenerate their own resources, without wasting nothing. Nothing is born and grows in a random place but it is the ecosystem itself that explains its existence with respect to the context, maintaining a perfect balance between production and waste “. This is the message that Cobat supports to the States General: circular economy, circular city, the debate table organized by Mce.

To tell the story of the circular economy, Cobat has chosen one in its stand (Pad 1) communication in cartoon stylerepresenting each product / waste at the center of its supply chain system by means of a leading character: Mr Pneus, Lady Chilly, Super Bat, Eolino are the protagonists of the ‘circular stories’ that every visitor to the stand can discover by scanning the QR code present at the stand. The dedicated mini site allows you to download the four e-books, which tell the ‘story made of stories with a happy ending’ where each product (Aee, battery, composite material and tire) comes back to life becoming a new resource and therefore a new story to tell and pass on to future generations.

At the service of producers / importers, managers and installers, Cobat’s services dedicated to the WEEE and photovoltaic sector make it possible to recover the technological components of which the products are made, thanks to a network distributed throughout the national territory. Cobat ensures the geolocation, the collection, the correct treatment of the photovoltaic modules and the recovery of the technological components. Each module is composed of elements that can be used in the production of new photovoltaic panels, thus favoring the circular economy of these delicate components. For the new mobility and smart storage sectors, increasingly committed in recent years to manage and transport lithium-ion batteries and accumulators, Cobat provides products, solutions and consultancy to safely manage the end-of-life of these products.