Coca Cola Hbc with Coripet for the new plant in Piedmont

Ribbon cutting for the new Coca-Cola Hbc plant in Gaglianico (BI), intended for the production of recycled pet bottles. A milestone made possible also by the Group’s entry into Coripet, the voluntary consortium for the collection and recycling of post-consumer PET bottles. “We touch firsthand the courage and desire of Coca Cola to stand out, the ability to make recycling an important vehicle, which passes from the occupational dynamics to give a second life to this site – observes Corrado Dentis president Coripet – In this site, in fact, we gives new life to Pet, the recycled Pet that becomes a new bottle suitable for direct contact with food. Here we have seen the best and latest technologies in the sector, capable of transforming waste into a new material. It is an important gesture, a way of making industry projected towards the future ”.

Dentis then recalled the peculiarities of R-Pet. “Pet, with a European directive, is today identified as the best polymer, once recycled, suitable for new contact with food; lends itself, always guaranteeing the same guarantees of content, to new lives. Each new life has unchanged the characteristics that made it the ideal packaging for its first life; recycled Pet is today an outpost that allows to save 60% of carbon dioxide emissions compared to PET from fossil extraction. So we are moving towards what is in fact the circular economy, the sustainable economy of tomorrow ”, concludes Dentis.