Cocaine in the White House, Trump accuses: “It was for Joe Biden and his son”

Former President Donald Trump has no doubts about who owned the mysterious white powder (which has been confirmed to be cocaine) found in the White House: “Does anyone really believe that the cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Studio oval, was intended for the use of anyone other than Hunter (the president’s second son, ed) or Joe Biden?”, is the accusation launched by the tycoon. According to Trump, however, the American media, the “fake news media”, will soon begin to write that the powder found was not a drug, but ground aspirin, which it was “very small”, and the whole story will soon be “reduced to zero”.The former US president used his page on the social network Truth Social for his ‘trips’.

Biden and his wife were absent

The substance was found at the entrance to the West Wing, in an area open to the public and near the place where visitors are asked to leave their cell phones before starting the tour. Yesterday, the spokeswoman for the American administration, Karine Jean-Pierre, explained that the place where the substance was found “is very busy”, and that “Biden, the First Lady and their family were not present at the White House when the cocaine was found: they left on Friday and returned on Monday evening”.