Cocainorso director would like to direct Cocain Shark (under two conditions)

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Cocainbearoriginal title Cocain Bearwill be released in theaters on February 24th. However, a sequel has been rumored for a few weeks now. Talking about it is now the director of the first film, Elizabeth Banks.

Cocainbear will it have a sequel?

Elizabeth Banks is ready to follow up on Cocainbearcreating a real cinematic universe about animals under the influence of cocaine. Even before the cinema release of Cocainbearthe idea of ​​a Cocaine Shark. The reason? The discovery, by the New Zealand authorities, of 3.2 tons of cocaine off the Pacific Ocean. Reading the news, users have linked the story to the true story of the drugged bear, protagonist of the film with the late Ray Liotta. A poll was even launched on Twitter: better a shark or a bear, under the influence of cocaine? The bear won overwhelmingly, but not for that Social media users who related the story to the real story of the cocaine bear and upcoming film starring the late Ray Liotta led AMC Theaters to conduct a Twitter poll. The poll asked fans to choose between a cocaine bear and a cocaine shark, which the bear won in a landslide. Without detracting from the charm of the idea of ​​a sequel.

Condition of Elizabeth Banks

“I would consider any sequel, as long as the script is as good as Cocainorso’s” said Elizabeth Banks, former director of Pitch perfect 2 and of Charlie’s Angels. Also, it will have to be very different from the legendary The shark by Steven Spielberg. The shark it’s a classic that I never want to be compared to,” she said. “If it were different, anything is possible”. Banks later recalled how the script of Cocainbear won her over right away. “As an actress, I love reading about the paths characters take – the script was full of interesting figures, woven together in a really beautiful way. I felt like there was so much real, yet surreal at the same time”.