Codacons denounces Magi and Della Vedova: “They instigate violating the laws”

The brawl that occurred yesterday between +Europa deputies and President Coldiretti Prandini ends up being examined by the Rome Prosecutor’s Office

There brawl almost occurred yesterday in front of Palazzo Chigi between +Europa deputies Riccardo Magi and Benedetto Della Vedova and the President of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, ends up under scrutiny by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome. The Codacons presented a formal complaint this morning asking the judiciary to “prepare all the necessary controls to ascertain the possibility of the occurrence of civil, administrative and criminal offenses such as crimes of abuse of office and incitement to disobey the laws and any criminal offense that may be identified”, we read in the complaint of Codacons according to which the parliamentarians, in actively demonstrating against this law, would have gone well beyond their duties and would have advocated an activity harmful to health. For this reason the complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“It should be remembered that the purpose of the law on the ban on synthetic meat, as expressed in the art. 1 of the same, is aimed at ensuring the protection of human health and the preservation of the agri-food heritage, also providing for a reference to the definitions referred to in general community legislation – the association further writes in the act – The ban is in fact established on the basis of the principle precautionary measures referred to in Article 7 of Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002, which establishes the general principles and requirements of food law, establishes the European Food Safety Authority and establishes procedures in the field of food safety. This means that synthetic meats are currently risky for health and, as such, cannot be produced and marketed.”