Coez is back: “With ‘Volare’ I reshuffle the cards”

The new album comes out on December 3rd: “a summary of my artistic career”, says the artist

“This album is a summary of what my entire artistic career has been”. Coez returns to more than two years from “E ‘semper bello” (double platinum record) and does so with’ Volare ‘ (from 3 December on Carosello Records label). “Flying is a term we use to explain many different moods, from the escape route to flying away how to leave this land”, Says Coez.

The new musical project was announced in the unconventional style with which Coez has made itself known over the years, releasing the “Flying freestyle”On all the songwriter’s social channels, and thus making him the first Italian artist to spoil the manifesto and the concept of his own work with a new unpublished song. “I did it because usually the public and the media first notice the title. So I also asked myself ‘Why Fly?’ So I decided to put a base and let the thoughts flow by themselves “, explains Coez. The disc will be available on cd, autographed cd, LP, autographed green LP, cd + t-shirt bundle, LP + t-shirt bundle, all in cd + LP + 2 t-shirt bundle, limited edition.

The new project was preceded by two songs, “Wu-Tang” and “Flow Easy”, two surprise previews published which gave way to what is the new musical path and which showed two of the many facets of the singer-songwriter: with the first in fact the more raw and purely rap side emerged, with the second it is instead the more romantic soul to be hero. The first real single, “Like in the songs”, He conquered the public in a short time, immediately ranking in the Top 10 on Spotify, Top 10 on radio and most “shazamato” Italian song in the world. “My works have always been characterized by alternating between albums that went in one direction and the next one that shuffled all the cards. Volare is the album where I mix everything but I already see that there is the embryo of what my next project could be “, assures Coez.

The pieces of “Volare” contain all of Coez’s musical journey from the beginning to today, a journey in stages that retraces the songs and references that have formed the singer-songwriter over the years. “My brother is an only child”, a piece by Rino Gaetano that marked the songwriter’s childhood, appears with a sample in “Among the clouds”, as well as a tribute to the outro of “Born slippy” by Underworld, the cult song of the “Trainspotting” soundtrack, is evident in the ending of “Faccia da robina”, at the end of the disk. “In this album there is my entire artistic path: I mention both specific songs and various genres with which I grew up, starting with Wu-Tang, which many have defined as a rap piece but which I see a lot of rock by attitude, inspired by Blur’s ‘Song 2’. The same ‘Volare’ is the title of the last piece of an EP that I made with my producer Sine many years ago, ‘Senza Mani’, in which I interrupted my rapping career and after which I started my new path closer to songwriting. It is therefore as if with this record I had picked up from there, but with all my experience of songs in recent years “, Coez points out.

A need, that of Coez, never to repeat itself and to continue to evolve with music. “I always try to change – he admits – because I’m afraid of boring the public but above all of getting bored while making records. An artist who is not having fun while working on an album is unlikely to be able to pass that fun if it is not there for the audience. I strongly believe that the public should at least understand that you enjoyed while working on the new album. The biggest fear I have is to repeat the same formula over and over. It is true that for every record you cannot please everyone, but always renewing yourself is what in my opinion will save me from not disappointing everyone. Always proposing something new is the key to keeping an embers alight“.

His style and his writing are always up-to-date and manage to find a unique space in the Italian music scene, with his phrases that are listened to, repeated, picked up on social networks constantly, with posts that quickly become viral. “I’m happy if the same sentence has been read for several generations and each generation finds its meaning in it. I think that music is made up of layers, those who perceive a sense are not perceived by another and vice versa, based on their own experiences ”, says the singer-songwriter.

With ‘Volare’ also begins a new live adventure for Coez: after having filled the most important Italian palazzetti in 2019, registering the double sold out at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, and having broken the record in 2018 for an Italian artist with over 33 thousand admissions at Rock In Rome, from January 31, 2022 the tour, produced by Vivo Concerti, will start from Turin in the clubs, where the Roman singer-songwriter spent the beginning of his career. It will be a return to origins that will allow you to find authentic contact with the public after more than two years of absence from the stages. The dates of Turin, Milan, Brescia, Roncade and Rome sold out a few hours after the opening of sales. “The choice to return to small clubs is an amarcord move, since this record traces all my first musical steps, I liked that even the live could be a growing path with the album. In addition, being a moment in which the live sector comes out of a devastating period, I think that doing many small dates can help my team, the clubs to recover, to put some work back into circulation for the most affected part “, he concludes.