Coldiretti Asti recycles Pet with Coripet

From 3 June, an eco-compactor at the Campagna Amica farmer’s market

Coldiretti enters the Coripet galaxy, thanks to the collaboration signed between Coldiretti Asti and Coripet, a voluntary non-profit consortium whose mission is the collection and recycling of PET bottles after their use. In fact, a new project of circular economy aimed at starting the process ‘bottle to bottle‘ i.e. generating rPet from used bottles to make new ones, through the installation at the market of an eco-compactor for the recycling of Pet.

Recycling will be good for the environment and will also reward virtuous citizens. The latter, with the aid of the Coripet app, downloadable from smartphones, can access the ‘plastic eating’ machine, insert the bottles, which must be empty, not crushed, with cap, label and readable barcodeand earn discount coupons on groceries market. For every 100 recycled bottles, a voucher worth two euros and fifty cents to spend at least ten euros.

“As Coldiretti we are the first to mark a new start and, at the same time, a flattering goal that we hope will soon be replicated throughout the country – says the director of Coldiretti Asti Diego Furia – recycled/recyclable is a concept/process that will increasingly have to establish itself in sustainability policieswhich every citizen will have to favor and promote for our good and that of the planet”.

“This installation has a double symbolic value, as it not only marks the beginning of the collaboration with Coldiretti, but also allows us to share our circular economy project, with a reality, such as that of Coldiretti, which has always been an expression of linked to respect for the territory and the enhancement of natural resources. In a place like this – observes Monica Pasquarelli, manager of Coripet eco-compactors – we believe that the citizen is more than ever fully aware of the value that an act such as recycling can have in preserving the environment and, why not, also in bringing savings economical, given that recycling rewards not only the earth but also your wallet”.