Coldiretti: one out of two Italians will shop online on Cyber ​​Monday

Online shopping boom. After the week of discounts with Black Friday comes Cyber ​​Monday in which 48 percent of Italians will buy technology products, clothing and food online. A turnover of over five billion euros, according to Coldiretti

With Cyber ​​Monday, the cyber Monday following the week of Black Friday discounts, almost one in two consumers will shop online also to anticipate Christmas gifts. This is what emerges from the Coldiretti investigation. Italians between the ages of 45 and 54 prefer shopping on the web, against 58% of young people between 18 and 34 and 59% of those between 35 and 44. On the other hand, little spending on the internet for the elderly, with just 17% of those over 64 years of age.


Between Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday, the total value of purchases rises to 5.3 billion euros, according to Coldiretti. 51 percent of purchases are made with a budget under 100 euros, 27% go up to 200 euros, a further 7% go up to 300 euros. And then there is 5% of e-commerce customers who spend up to 1,000 euros online.

The most popular products

The most requested products by online customers are technological products, clothing, beauty products and food and wine. The advantages of online shopping are many, starting with the delivery of the product delivered to your home, a wide range of choices, the opportunity to make comparisons and convenient prices.

Anti-fraud advice

To avoid online scams especially in the purchase of food, Coldiretti has issued a handbook which starts from the advice to verify the identity of the seller on the web, pay attention to distortions of the product name which often reveal that they are imitations. It is also necessary – concludes Coldiretti – to always check, where possible, the correctness of the logos that distinguish the Igp and organic products and the label, but also to be wary of prices that are too low.