Collapse of Amatrice buildings, victim family lawyer: “Written page of justice” – Video

The comment after the Appeal ruling. The collapse following the earthquake of August 24, 2016

”A page of justice and truth has been written by the Court of Appeal of Rome for all the families of the victims who have understood that the death of their loved ones does not derive from an exceptional earthquake, the earthquake was not an expression of a stepmother nature but there are precise human causes”. As the lawyer Wania della Vigna, lawyer who represents around forty civil parties in the proceedings after the Appeal sentence which confirmed the convictions for the collapse of the two public housing buildings in Piazza Augusto Sagnotti, in Amatrice, following the earthquake of 24 August 2016. “The former Ater buildings, popular, were characterized by illegal activity from the moment of their construction, when the anti-seismic regulations of the time were not respected, when the checks and controls were missing – he added – They have tried to put the papers in order, without worrying about the protection of those who lived there. Many people died, families completely exterminated, but today they know what happened”.