Colle, center-right proposes 3 names. No of the center left. Read: “Need shared figure”

The center-right discovers the cards and proposes three names for the race to the Quirinale: Letizia Moratti, Marcello Pera and Carlo Nordio. The center-left recognizes the high profile, but considers the proposals inadequate. And the most important game opens: that of dialogue

by Gaia Mombelli

A shortlist of three names: Letizia Moratti, Carlo Nordio and Marcello Pera. The center-right opens to dialogue and proposes the triad from which to draw the future president of the Republic. But in the Salvini, Meloni and Tajani squad, born on the day of the second black smoke, there could be a covered petal: the president of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Casellati, also voted 4 years ago by the grillini. “We believe”, specified the leader of the League in a press conference, “that the two main offices of the State, President of the Chamber and Senate, must remain out of the game and have the dignity of being a possible choice” (QUIRINALE: LO SPECIAL – THE POLL – CURIOSITIES – ALL LIVE UPDATES).

The covered petal

A cryptic phrase, which therefore leaves the door open also to the second position of the state, given that Fico is not yet 50 years old. Giorgia Meloni asks for “respect” to the center left, which moreover “has expressed at least 4 of the last heads of state”. “When”, continues Meloni, “the left will evaluate these proposals, I ask you to evaluate the merit and tell me why they are not going well”. “The center-right”, Antonio Tajani echoes, “has figures who belong to its cultural sphere who are at the service of the state and institutions”.

Draghi’s game

Salvini remarks to journalists that with Draghi he talks about real life, not about Quirinale. And this is the other positive sign of the day that was launched. Because it means that the other fundamental table in this game has started. And it is the table at which the Prime Minister plays, not yet out of the game for the race to the Colle.

The response of the center left

“Today”, reiterated the M5S president Giuseppe Conte at the end of the center-left meeting, “we have decided not to present a shortlist of names. In this way we will accelerate the dialogue with the center-right with the commitment to find a solution in the next few hours. shared. Italy has no time to waste. This is not the time for confrontation “. The secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta went further. “The proposal we make”, he says, “is to lock ourselves in a room and throw away the keys, bread and water, until we arrive at a solution, tomorrow is the key day”.