Colle der Fomento, first official biography in bookstores

Almost 500 pages for Minimum fax, signed by the journalist Fabio Piccolino with the contribution of the protagonists, two founding members of the band Simone ‘Danno’ Eleuteri and Massimiliano ‘Masito’ Piluzzi

It is called ‘Colle der Fomento. Solo amore ‘the first official biography of the historic Roman rap group Colle der Fomento, in bookstores for the Minimum fax types. Almost 500 pages signed by the journalist Fabio Piccolino with the contribution of the protagonists, the two founding members of the band Simone ‘Danno’ Eleuteri and Massimiliano ‘Masito’ Piluzzi. Colle der Fomento are a rather singular reality of Italian music. Born in 1994, they are among the first groups to experiment with rap sung in Italian and to bring overseas styles and sounds to our country. Their first album, ‘Odio Aperto’, was released in 1996, while the following ‘Scienza Double H’, in 1999, took their media exposure to the highest level.

A (small) success for a band that has built its own notoriety and recognition especially within the underground Hip-Hop circuit. It will take another eight years for a new album of unreleased tracks, ‘Anima e Ghiaccio’, in 2007, and another eleven for their latest work, ‘Adversus’, released at the end of 2018. A slow and not very constant record production, to which however, it was accompanied by a very intense live activity that in over 25 years of career, has seen them plow the stages throughout Italy, and experience experiences outside the national territory. For many people, Colle der Fomento is a cult band, one of those bands that started something when there was almost nothing around. People who have indulged their passion, put ideas into circulation, experimented in new territories.

At the same time the Colle der Fomento represent a unicum not only in the panorama of national rap, but also within Italian music: which artist can afford to release albums almost ten years without losing the affection of his audience and indeed conquering new ones fan? Who can enjoy such sincere and lasting affection over time? There are many reasons that made this story possible, and this book will try to discover its origins and tell its developments through the words of the protagonists. Because if the merit is of what the Colle der Fomento have written and interpreted, it is equally important to underline their integrity in the artistic choices: almost never condescending towards compromises, almost always in contrast to the music industry that flattens the quality in favor of the market.

To guide them, the unconditional love for a certain musical genre and the strenuous opposition to the diffusion of its sweetened version, radio, television. A true attitude and an ability to tell the present that led the audience to identify themselves in a sincere, visceral, profound way: an ability to get in tune that becomes universal, conquering a transversal audience, not necessarily passionate about rap. Again, an attitude that places the listener not in search of the radio hit to sing out loud, but in the face of the awareness of having to deal with a piece of one’s life. Not a chased success, not a calculated path: what the Colle der Fomento have collected arrived without shortcuts but only with time, dedication and passion. The story of such a long-lived band is an inevitably human story and full of energies that have spread over time: it is worth telling from the beginning. The book also includes a photo gallery, a track by track from the latest album ‘Adversus’ and a contribution from the writers’ collective Wu Ming.