Collective meditation in streaming with Alberto Simone

Next Sunday, November 6, at 10.30, thousands of people in Italy will meet, at the invitation of Alberto Simone, in the bookshop for Tea with ‘Reborn in joy’, in a virtual square without signs, slogans, posters and banners, for a collective meditation on peace. “The intent of the initiative is to create a moment of recollection and deep connection with oneself and with others, to respond to the disorientation and sense of individual helplessness that many of us feel in the face of destructive events of planetary and epochal significance. The event intends to bring attention to the never so concrete risk of a nuclear conflict and to the need to activate every possible resource and initiative to avert it “, reads a note.

“Meditation, especially in its collective form, is a powerful tool for inner change and transformation not only capable of influencing and awakening consciences, but also capable of creating an impact in the real world – says Alberto Simone, clinical psychologist, screenwriter, director and writer, he has always alternated his artistic activity with that of psychologist and therapist. He has successfully published with TEA the “Trilogy of happiness” (Happiness on the bedside table, Every day a miracle and The art of loving you) with over 100,000 copies sold – On the threshold of the new millennium, no one would ever have imagined that the world would again be faced with a war in the heart of Europe and the danger of a possible nuclear catastrophe. much less would he have filled the squares of the whole world by making his voice heard. What has been surprising for many months is the silence of public opinion in the face of the danger that whole humanity runs and the consequences of leaving the fate of our destiny in the decisions of a few individuals alone. It is up to everyone to choose within themselves between a scenario of extinction and death and one of peace and progress. Nobody is saved alone and at the same time no significant change can take place in the world if it does not start from a profound inner transformation. With this meditation we can contribute to an awakening of consciousness and help each other to overcome the shock caused by what is happening before our eyes. As Tiziano Terzani said, if we want a better and fairer world we must start from ourselves. Without peace, none of the challenges we face can have begun. The war obliges the non-postponable agenda of the fight against climate change, economic inequalities, migratory phenomena, the energy crisis to be overshadowed. We must look for every possible way to stop it “.

Meditation is a spiritual resource within the reach of every human being, whose effects on the attenuation of anxiety and stress levels, on the improvement of all the basic physiological parameters of the person, have been scientifically proven for decades now.